15 Clever Ways to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Discover 15 brilliant kitchen cabinet storage hacks to transform your culinary haven into an efficient and tidy space. Say goodbye to clutter and optimize your kitchen cabinets for easy access and streamlined cooking.

Take advantage of the weird spots

Corner Cabinets

Make the most of awkward corner cabinets by installing a lazy susan or pull-out shelves. These solutions allow you to access every corner without straining and provide ample storage space for pots, pans, and small appliances.

Cabinet Doors

Utilize the inside of cabinet doors by adding adhesive hooks or small bins. Hang measuring spoons, oven mitts, or small kitchen tools for easy access, freeing up valuable shelf space.

Underneath Cabinets

Maximize the space beneath your cabinets by adding magnetic strips or hooks. Hang frequently used utensils or coffee mugs for a clutter-free countertop and quick accessibility.

Clean up what’s already there

This one is not a surprise, not a hack, but it is a must. If you’re interested in optimizing your kitchen cabinet storage, it may be a good idea to start by getting rid of things you don’t need. 

KonMari Method

The KonMari Method was developed by organizing expert Marie Kondo and offers a transformative approach to organizing. Start by removing all items from the cabinet and sorting them into categories. Then, hold each item in your hands and ask yourself if it sparks joy or if it serves a necessary purpose. Discard or donate items that no longer bring joy or aren’t essential for your cooking needs. Organize the remaining items back into the cabinet, placing them in a way that maximizes space and creates a harmonious and clutter-free environment.

Work double duty with what you have

What does working double duty mean for kitchen cabinet storage? It means dual-purposing your already existing space. 

Install wire racks or stackable shelves inside the cabinet doors to create additional storage for spices, cutting boards, or kitchen tools. 

Utilize pull-out drawers to maximize deep cabinets, keeping items easily accessible and organized. 

Label Your Products

Another storage hack is to label your products. It seems so simple that it’s easy to overlook, but that doesn’t make it any less important to kitchen cabinet organization. This is because labeling products stored in kitchen cabinets helps provide clear identification and easy access. With labels indicating contents or categories, finding specific items becomes effortless. It prevents confusion, reduces clutter, and encourages maintaining an orderly system, leading to a more efficient and functional kitchen space.

Clear plastic drawer organizers

Hudgan 8 Pack Clear Plastic Drawer Organizer Bins Set, Stackable Cutlery Storage Bins Trays for Organizing Kitchen Supplies, Bathroom Supplies, Office Supplies, Crafts, Gadgets, Cabinet Supplies

Pantry Organization

Use clear plastic drawers in your kitchen cabinet to organize pantry essentials like snacks, canned goods, and baking supplies. Label each drawer to indicate its contents, making it easy to find specific items without rummaging through cluttered shelves. The transparency of the drawers allows you to quickly assess pantry stock levels, helping you plan your grocery shopping efficiently.

Spice Storage 

Clear plastic drawers are perfect for storing and organizing spices in your kitchen cabinet. Group spices by type or cuisine and arrange them in the drawers alphabetically or by frequency of use. 

Kitchen Utensil Sorting

Maximize kitchen cabinet space by using clear plastic drawers to sort and store kitchen utensils. Separate utensils like spatulas, measuring spoons, and tongs into designated drawers based on their functionality. The clear design allows you to identify the contents effortlessly.

A great product for this purpose is the “Sterilite ClearView Wide 3 Drawer Organizer.”

Baskets for beautiful cabinetry

6 Pack [ Extra Large ] Wire Storage Baskets for Organizing with Lables, Pantry Organization Bins for Cabinets – Metal Basket for Kitchen, Laundry, Garage, Fridge, Bathroom Countertop Organizer, Black

Using baskets for organizing kitchen cabinets enhances the visual appeal by creating a cohesive and tidy look. The uniformity of the baskets adds a sense of order to the space, reducing visual clutter and creating a more polished appearance. Baskets also bring texture and warmth to the cabinet interiors, adding a touch of coziness to the kitchen. Moreover, baskets allow you to group similar items together, making it easier to find what you need while maintaining a neat and organized look. I’ve linked a wire basket, but you can use any type of material here.

To use baskets effectively in organizing kitchen cabinets, follow these steps:

Choose the Right Size and Material

Select baskets that fit well within your cabinet space and complement your kitchen’s style. Opt for durable materials like woven seagrass, wicker, or plastic for easy cleaning.

Arrange Baskets Strategically

Place the baskets in your kitchen cabinets strategically, keeping frequently used items within easy reach. Stack smaller baskets on top of larger ones to maximize vertical space.

Utilize Different Basket Styles

Incorporate a mix of open-top and lidded baskets to accommodate different items. Open-top baskets work well for easy access to frequently used items, while lidded baskets keep less frequently used items dust-free.

Key Rails inside the Cupboards

Benitem Adjustable Kitchen Rail Rack with 12 Sliding Hooks, Hanging Utensil Holder Under Cabinet/ Wall Mount, 2 Installation Options by Clamps/ Screws, for Pot/ Pan/ Towel, Pack of (Black) UH-WB

Key rails are an ingenious storage solution to keep your kitchen cabinet well-organized. Install key rails on the inside of the cabinet doors to create hanging space for various kitchen items. Hang lightweight utensils, measuring spoons, or even small pots and pans on the rails, effectively utilizing the often-underutilized cabinet door space. This clever hack not only saves valuable shelf space but also keeps frequently used items within easy reach. 

Lazy Susans work so well

Lazy Susan Turntable Organizer for Cabinet Pantry Kitchen Countertop Refrigerator Cupboard, Pine Wood, 9″, Carbonized Black

Lazy Susans are a game-changer when it comes to maximizing kitchen cabinet storage. Incorporate these rotating trays inside your cabinet to efficiently organize various kitchen items. Place spices, condiments, or frequently used cooking essentials on the Lazy Susan for easy access. With a simple spin, you can effortlessly reach the items at the back without disturbing the arrangement. Lazy Susans make the most of corner cabinets, optimizing every inch of space and preventing items from getting lost in the depths of the cabinet. 

Use Drawer Dividers to Tidy Up Kitchen Utensils

Vriccc Bamboo Drawer Dividers, 8 Drawer Dividers with 16 Inserts, Stackable IN Deep Drawers, Kitchen Adjustable Drawer Organizers, Expandable Organization for Home, Office, Dressers, and Bathroom

Drawer dividers are a must-have tool to bring order and tidiness to your kitchen cabinet. Install dividers inside the cabinet drawers to neatly separate and categorize kitchen utensils. Keep spatulas, ladles, whisks, and other tools in designated sections, making it easy to find what you need without rummaging through a jumbled mess. Drawer dividers not only prevent utensils from getting tangled but also maximize drawer space, allowing you to fit more items in an organized manner.

Organizing Pot and Pan Lids with Lid Organizers

Durmmur 2 Pack Pot Lid Organizer Rack, 6-Tier Pot Lids Holder for Cabinet Door/Wall, No Drilling Adhesive Wall/Door Mounted Rustproof Pot and Pan Cover for Kitchen Storage, Classic Black1

Tame the chaos of pot and pan lids inside your kitchen cabinet with the help of lid organizers. These ingenious storage solutions allow you to neatly stack and store lids, eliminating clutter and maximizing cabinet space. Install lid organizers on the cabinet door or within the cabinet to keep lids upright and easy to access. No more searching for the right lid among a jumble of cookware – lid organizers create an orderly and efficient system. 

Magnetic Strips and Hooks Maximize Wall Space

linoroso 16.5” Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall, Powerful Acacia Wood Magnetic Knife Strip Knife Rack for Kitchen Knives & Tools

Utilizing magnetic strips and hooks is a brilliant way to optimize wall space inside your kitchen cabinet. Install magnetic strips on the cabinet walls to hold metal spice jars, kitchen knives, or metal utensils. This clever solution keeps frequently used items within reach, freeing up shelf space and creating a visually appealing display. Additionally, attach magnetic hooks to the cabinet doors or walls to hang lightweight items such as measuring cups, oven mitts, or pot holders.

Pull-Out Shelves: Easy Access to Deep Cabinets

2-Tier Sliding Under Sink Organizer, Pull Out Bamboo Wood Storage Drawer Organization, Cabinet Shelf for Bathroom, Kitchen Cupboard, Slide Out Spice Rack Container Lid Organizer with Dividers

To optimize storage in deep kitchen cabinets, consider incorporating pull-out shelves. These ingenious shelves slide out effortlessly, allowing you to access items at the back of the cabinet with ease. Install pull-out shelves in your deep cabinets to efficiently utilize the entire space, eliminating the need to reach or bend awkwardly to retrieve items. With pull-out shelves, you can neatly arrange pots, pans, small appliances, or pantry items, keeping everything visible and accessible.

Stackable Organizers: Utilizing Vertical Space

ClearSpace Plastic Pantry Organization and Storage Bins With Lids – Perfect Kitchen Storage – Fridge, Refrigerator, Cabinet Organizers

These versatile storage solutions allow you to create layers and effectively utilize vertical space. Install stackable organizers inside your cabinets to neatly store plates, bowls, pans, or pantry items. The stackable design not only optimizes space but also keeps items easily accessible. By using stackable organizers, you declutter shelves and create a more organized and efficient kitchen cabinet space.

Over-the-Cabinet Hooks: Adding Extra Hanging Space

SV SEAVENTION Cabinet Door Organizer Cutting Board Organizer Kitchen Cabinet Organizers and Storage 2 Pack Over the Door Pantry Organizer Kitchen Organizer Plate Organizer Pots and Pans Organizer

Make the most of your kitchen cabinet’s interior with the clever use of over-the-cabinet hooks. These simple and effective storage solutions allow you to add extra hanging space without the need for drilling or permanent fixtures. Simply hook them over the cabinet door or drawer front to create instant storage for dish towels, oven mitts, or even lightweight utensils. Over-the-cabinet hooks maximize vertical space and keep frequently used items easily accessible.

Wine Glass Holders: Elegant Storage for Stemware

SIMVE Wine Glass Holder Under Shelf or Cabinet, Stainless Steel 16.5 Inch Stemware Rack, Glassware Drying Hanger, Metal Hanging Organizer for Bar Restaurant, Matte Black, 4 Row

Utilizing T-shaped molds inside your kitchen cabinet is a smart storage hack to hold stemware and optimize cabinet space. Install these molds on the cabinet ceilings or walls to securely hold wine glasses and other stemware, creating an elegant and efficient storage solution. By using T-shaped molds, you free up valuable shelf space, preventing stemware from taking up room on flat surfaces. This clever storage hack not only adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen cabinet but also ensures easy access to your favorite stemware for special occasions or daily use.

That’s it! I hope some or all of these 15 kitchen cabinet storage hacks inspire you to get started with your next home organization project! 

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