DIY Storage Solutions for Kid’s Toys and Playrooms

If you have kids, you know how quickly toys can accumulate and take over your home. Creating a well-organized and functional playroom is essential for keeping the chaos at bay and providing your little ones with a safe and enjoyable space to play. In this article, we’ll explore effective DIY storage solutions that will help you tame the toy clutter and optimize storage in your kid’s playroom. From creative shelving ideas to clever toy bins, we’ve got you covered.

At the end I’ll list a couple of the products mentioned in the article, and provide a brief review on each of them.

1. Categorize and Sort:

Before diving into the DIY storage solutions, start by categorizing and sorting your kids’ toys. Divide them into groups such as building blocks, dolls, arts and crafts, and board games. This step will give you a clear idea of the types of storage solutions you need and make the organizing process more manageable.

Use labels to help delineate which container holds which toys. That way, everyone will understand what to do when it comes to cleanup time!

2. Utilize Wall Space:

Maximize the use of wall space to keep the floor clear and create a sense of openness in the playroom. Install floating shelves or wall-mounted bookshelves to store books, puzzles, and small toys. You can also hang storage pockets or fabric bins on the walls to keep art supplies or small figurines organized and easily accessible.

3. DIY Pegboard Organizer:

A pegboard organizer is a versatile and customizable storage solution for a kid’s playroom. Mount a large pegboard on the wall and add hooks, baskets, and shelves to hold various toys and supplies. It’s an excellent way to display frequently used items, like dress-up costumes or art materials, while keeping them off the floor and neatly arranged.

See the product recommendation section below for a Pegboard + Assorted Pegboard Tools product combination that I recommend for this DIY project.

4. Repurpose Bookcases and Cubbies:

Repurpose old bookcases or cubbies to create functional storage in the playroom. Paint them in vibrant colors or patterns to add a playful touch. Use the shelves to store toys, books, and games. You can even add fabric bins or baskets to the cubbies to corral small toys and keep everything in order.

See the Product Recommendations section below for a great cubby + basket combo product I found on amazon.

5. Label Everything:

To keep the playroom organized in the long run, labeling is crucial. Attach clear labels to bins, baskets, and shelves, indicating the contents of each storage area. This will not only help your kids find what they’re looking for but also encourage them to tidy up after playtime.

6. Rolling Toy Crates:

DIY rolling toy crates are a practical solution for toy storage, especially for larger toys or stuffed animals. Use wooden crates with wheels attached to the bottom, allowing kids to easily move them around the playroom. These crates can be painted or decorated to match the playroom’s theme, adding a fun and functional element to the space.

See the Product Recommendation for an example of a rolling toy crate!

7. Under-Bed Storage:

If your playroom is also a bedroom, utilize the space under the bed for toy storage. Invest in low-profile storage bins or rolling drawers that can easily slide under the bed frame. This approach keeps toys out of sight and creates a clean and tidy appearance.

8. DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo:

Stuffed animals are adorable, but they can quickly take over the playroom. Create a DIY stuffed animal zoo using wooden dowels or bungee cords attached to a wooden frame. This clever solution keeps stuffed animals off the floor and acts as a whimsical display for your child’s cuddly friends.

9. Magnetic Toy Storage:

Magnetic storage can be a game-changer for organizing small metal toys like cars or building blocks. Mount a metal sheet or magnetic board on the wall and use magnetic containers or trays to hold the toys. Your kids will love being able to “stick” their toys to the wall and easily find what they want to play with.

Product Recommendations:

1. Amazon Basics Kids Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins:

The Amazon Basics Kids Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins is a practical and efficient solution for organizing children’s toys. With its vibrant and cheerful design, it adds a playful touch to any playroom or bedroom. The organizer features a sturdy wooden frame that ensures durability, making it suitable for even the most active little ones.

As a parent, I appreciate the ease of assembly, which takes just a few simple steps. The compact size of the organizer makes it versatile, fitting well in small spaces without sacrificing storage capacity. Additionally, the smooth surface of the plastic bins makes them effortless to clean, saving valuable time in maintaining an orderly play area.

Amazon Basics Kids Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins, Grey Wood with Blue Bins, 10.9″D x 33.6″W x 31.1″H

2. Delta Children Kids Toy Storage Organizer :

The Delta Children Kids Toy Storage Organizer is perfect for storing various sizes of toys. With a combination of small, medium, and large fabric bins, this organizer accommodates toys of all shapes and types. The attractive design and choice of character-themed bins add a playful touch to any playroom. The robust wooden frame and easy-to-clean fabric bins make it a parent’s favorite for keeping toys in check.

Delta Children Kids Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins – Greenguard Gold Certified, Grey/Blue

3. Humble Crew Toy Box with Wheels:

The inclusion of wheels is a game-changer, allowing kids to move the toy box easily from one location to another. This mobility adds a fun element to cleanup time, as children can transport their toys with minimal effort.

I appreciate the Humble Crew Toy Box with Wheels for its functionality, durability, and ease of use. It provides an efficient storage solution for my child’s toys while encouraging them to take an active role in keeping their play area organized.

Humble Crew Toy Box with Wheels, Natural (TB234)

4. Wisdom Star 6 Pack Fabric Storage Cubes + Cube Storage Shelf Organizer Bookshelf System

Transforming a child’s playroom into an organized and fun space has never been easier with the Wisdom Star Fabric Storage Cubes and Cube Storage Shelf Organizer Bookshelf System

Paired with the Cube Storage Shelf Organizer Bookshelf System, this combination takes organization to the next level. The bookshelf system features multiple cube compartments, making it easy to store the Wisdom Star Fabric Storage Cubes while also displaying children’s books, action figures, or favorite toys on the open shelves. The child-friendly height of the bookshelf allows kids to access their toys and books independently, fostering a sense of responsibility and organization from a young age.

Wisdom Star 6 Pack Fabric Storage Cubes with Handle, Foldable 11 Inch Cube Storage Bins, Storage Baskets for Shelves, Storage Boxes for Organizing Closet Bins

Best Choice Products 9-Cube Storage Shelf Organizer Bookshelf System, Display Cube Shelves Compartments, Customizable w/ 3 Removable Back Panels – White

5. Daanxw 4 Pack Pegboard + FRIMOONY Pegboard Assortment

The Pegboard provides a unique way to display and store toys, making it easy for kids to find and access their favorite playthings.

Paired with the Pegboard Hooks, Bins, and Toys Assortment, this combination takes toy organization to the next level. The assortment includes a variety of hooks and bins that are perfect for storing small toys, building blocks, art supplies, and more. The bins come in playful colors, making the playroom look inviting and vibrant.

With the Pegboard and Pegboard Hooks, Bins, and Toys Assortment, tidying up the playroom becomes a fun and interactive activity for kids.

Daanxw 4 Pack 16″ X 16″ Pegboard Storage Rack of Steel,Metal Peg Board Tool Organization Panels´╝î1/8″ and 1/4″ Universal Pegboard to The Wall for Garage Kitchen Bathroom Office (White)

FRIMOONY Pegboard Hooks Assortment with Pegboard Bins, Peg Locks, for Organizing Various Tools, 80 Piece

Organizing your kid’s playroom doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By utilizing DIY storage solutions like pegboard organizers, rolling toy crates, and wall-mounted shelves, you can create a clutter-free and functional play space for your children. Remember to categorize and sort toys, label storage areas, and involve your kids in the process to make it fun and engaging. With these creative storage ideas and product recommendations, you’ll transform the playroom into a well-organized, enjoyable, and kid-friendly oasis for playtime and learning. Happy organizing!

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